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Monday, March 4, 2013

TopShop Lipstick in Macaroon

Hey guys!

I read quite a number of blogs on a daily basis and a few of those are UK based bloggers have raved about TopShop makeup so when a friend and I went to downtown Toronto, I made it a point for us to stop by their store. As a self confessed lipstick lover, I immediately went to their makeup stand and started swatching their lip colours. I picked up two lipsticks and am sharing one of them in this post...

Company Description: Velvet finish lipstick to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish.

My Thoughts: Topshop's lipstick in Macaroon is officially described as "pink" in the brand's website which is not very descriptive at all. I would say that Macaroon is a bright (almost neon) coral-pink with subtle blue undertones. If you have been reading my blog for a while, it will be apparent that I like bold, bright and highly pigmented lipsticks so by looking at the tube, Macaroon should be right up my alley. But it sadly was not. The colour itself was too "Barbie" and bubblegum-y for my liking and not opaque at all. I'm not fond of the texture and formulation of the lipstick either. The lipstick was really soft and slippery when I was applying it to my lips. Also, the lipstick made my lips flake even though the picture below was taken after I scrubbed and moisturized my lips.

Here is an arm and lip swatch

Overall: With all the rave I've read about this lipstick, I was underwhelmed and disappointed to be honest. The colour is gorgeous in the tube but not on my lips. I'm really hoping that I will like the other lipstick I purchased unlike this one. 

Price: $14.00
Place to buy: TopShop

Have you tried the TopShop lipsticks? Which one's your favourite?


  1. Email me!!! mykamallillin(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I really like the shade of this...too bad it doesn't wear that well. I was tempted to try these, but maybe

  3. Oh disappointing! The swatch looked so promising!

  4. Thanks for sharing, too bad on the lips it comes out differently..

    CMPang x

  5. Wow, this was very fun to read. Have you ever considered submitting articles to magazines?
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